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Spiced Iced Tea

Last night was mildly crazy. Nichole and I shared a bottle of Veuve for my birthday. That translated for 3 glasses each. I was starting to feel something by the time she passed out around 8 PM. Not knowing where to proceed from there. I grabbed my favorite drinking glass, a bottle of Snapple Iced Tea and a half filled bottle of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum.

Now, I’ve never heard of anyone doing this drink before, so I’m going to claim it as mine. You heard it here first. I have named the drink Spiced Iced Tea. It’s an amazing drink. Basically you need to pour about 3-4 shots worth of CMSR into a large glass and then fill the remaining room with the entire bottle of Snapple Iced Tea.

The tricky part is the Snapple. I’ve tried a few variations of their tea and have come to the conclusion that their lemon iced tea works best in this drink scenario.

Anyways, I ended up drinking 2 of those, on top of the 3 glasses of champagne. I played some Natural Selection until I no longer knew what I was doing anymore. Shooting randomly at things that moved. Surprisingly I was actually doing well. I had suspected that the opposite would have occurred. Go figure.

Afterwards, I watched some My Name is Earl, which in my drunken state was completely not funny. The Office was hysterical last night. The sequence with Dwight in the dojo populated solely by 9 year olds made me almost cry as I was laughing so hard. I have a sneaking suspicion that My Name is Earl might get cancelled soon if they don’t get some better episodes rolling out soon.

I’m not sure what’s going on with ABC as of late. I know that Major League Baseball screwed up their schedule but 3 weeks of Lost reruns? Come on. I’m starting to lose interest with that show. I love watching it but I’m starting to get tired of this rerun garbage. NBC did reruns for 2 weeks and then picked up after the World Series sweep. I don’t understand why ABC hasn’t done this yet. I guess tonight will be Lostless. *Sigh*

One thought on “Spiced Iced Tea

  1. Tonight is a new episode of LOST, goober!
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself last night…happy birthday

    edit: It wasn’t. : /

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