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We all knew this was going to happen

. It was just a matter of time before someone decided to exploit problems in the Linux operating system. The fact of the matter is no one is safe from bugs and exploits. The reason that the Windows Operating System is targeted most of the time is a direct result of it’s market share. Thieves are not stupid, and neither are virus writers. If they want to con people out of money or try to crash more systems, they go after the operating system with the most users. With the introduction of higher market share, it was just a matter of time before Linux users needed a virus scanner.

I actually applaud the person who wrote this worm. I don’t condone such activities but I think it’s good for healthy growth in the Linux department. People cannot be so blind as to think they are invulnerable to attack because they switch from Windows to Linux or *gasp* to the Mac OS.

I can’t wait until someone programs a nasty virus/worm that goes after Mac people. It would really shut them up. “I’m protected because I have a Mac, there are no viruses for the Mac.” If only I could see the looks on these people’s faces when a real threat comes out. They won’t know what to do! Imagine, 1 million people calling technical support at once. Apple Headquarters would like.. explode. It would be like a fireworks show, and I would clap.

I’ve got my popcorn, television and couch ready. Hackers unite! Make the damn virus already!

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