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iPod Video Converter

5 programs, 3 broken avis, and several hours wasted later, I finally found a converting process that works for my iPod Video. It’s ridiculous that you have to go to such lengths as I did to get this stupid thing working. I tried using DVDx, which hasn’t been updated in a year and a half. I used Nero Recode. I used DVD2AVI and then Quicktime Pro. None of these programs worked the way they were supposed to work, even with tutorials!

Call me crazy but this should not be a hard thing to do. As a consumer, I buy DVDs. I also bought an iPod which is capable of playing said DVDs. I just have to convert the goddamn movie into something my iPod wants to play. It’s like a 2 year old that just says “No!” to everything I try to put in it’s mouth (hard drive).

Rants aside, I really think this is the answer to everyone’s problem. Videora Converter, it’s a very simple, straight forward program to use. It’s simply a 1-click program. You don’t need to mess with 50 billion options which are completely cryptic. Just for kicks, here are a few where I have no idea what the fuck they mean:

  1. Mux rate
  2. VBV Buffer Size
  3. Detect prog. 24Hz

All you need to do is download DVD Decypter which is free, as well as Videora Converter. The tutorial linked above shows you exactly what you need to do. As I’m typing this, I’m encoding Pirates of the Silicon Valley, fitting isn’t it? ;) It’s almost done with only an hour of encoding time. The DVDx program I tried, it wanted 8 hours, for an hour and a half of content. Imagine encoding Lord of the Rings, extended edition. It would take a week. So much for outdated programs.

Enjoy the link and happy MP4 encoding!

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