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It’s the most expensive time of the year…

Christmas is upon us, and my wallet is crying. I think this Christmas has been the most stressful and the most draining. I think the main reason is the fact that when you find out that someone is getting you a gift, you feel that you need to reciprocate. I think most people feel this way, and I’m certainly in that boat this year. Nichole and I always have this discussion because people go to her and ask her what to get me. Well, dammit, don’t get me anything! That means I have to get you something too! I’m terrible at finding gifts for people. I mean, fuck, women are the worst to figure out gift ideas.

For instance, they want something that is sentimental. They want you to be creative and put thought into it. I don’t want to do that at all. I want to walk into a store, pick something off the shelf that looks mildly expensive, pay for it, and then get the hell out of there. Navigating the mall is like trying to navigate a minefield in Iraq. It’s fucking dangerous! People are like zombies walking around looking for gifts and willing to trample you if you get in the way.

Is it just me or is everyone out there getting more and more arrogant and rude? On Sunday, Nichole and I went out for lunch at BJ’s the new chain restaurant in our area. We’ve tried at least 5 times to get in there but always got slapped with an hour or so wait. Well, this time it was a 15 minute wait, so we decided to eat there. We sat down on a bench and were just talking and waiting for our table. We didn’t notice this 400 pound hippo that decided to literally sit on Nichole. I guess he felt that we should move the hell out of the way to accommodate his fat ass on the bench. No “excuse me,” no “can I please sit down, I need you to scoot over so I can fit.” No. This fat ass just decided to sit down on Nichole and not even apologize. We moved over because we were now squished by this tub of fat. Thankfully our table was ready and we bolted.

Fast forward about 15 minutes, the guy has a table right next to us. The funny part is that since he’s so fat, he can’t sit even remotely near the table so his chair is 10 feet away from the table. As a result, his chair was resting on Nichole’s, I had her move to the other side of the table so she didn’t have to deal with it. Am I the only one getting upset at these rude people? I see it every day now. People don’t open doors for strangers, they don’t say please or thank you and they most certainly don’t apologize for things they’ve done wrong. It’s like the dark ages in manners today!

Anyways, back to the gift giving thing, this year has been a very hectic holiday season. My parents were given iPods so that they could catch up with the rest of society. It was a mild success until they tried to turn them on and use them. I still have a feeling that they’re going to have issues with it, I pray to god I’m around when the issue happens otherwise they might actually have to go to an Apple store.

In little more than a week, Nichole and I are heading down to her father’s house to celebrate the birth of christ. It’s been awhile since I’ve been down there. I hear that they have a whole new cast of animals this year. First they had a tragedy with their cats going MIA, I think the coyotes got them : /, and then their really cool dog died, double : /. However, there is good news, they got 2 new cats, one which is bigger than most small dogs, and a brand new puppy. It should make for a very fun time down there. Nichole and I have already grabbed a box of Scooby Snacks for the new pup. Ruh roh.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I know. I even promised a water cooling article which I lied about. I’m still waiting on parts for the thing and having a sad and empty wallet certainly doesn’t help. Thankfully, all of my shopping is done. I just hope everyone likes my gift ideas. As I stated before, I’m terrible at gift giving. I’ll have to develop a score card based on people’s reactions. The kids don’t count because they’re easily pleased. So we’ll see I do with Dana, Hillary, Grandpa, Gino, Lori, Peri, and everyone else that I’m forgetting at the moment.

Oh and before I forget, progress has been made with my pet project, Overheard in Class. I’m just waiting on the developer making the design. There are a few internal features I have to complete to make it a working beast but I’m getting close enough. I hope to have it out by Jan 15, 2006. That’s the date of completion that I’ve decided on. Let’s hope I can make it. ;P

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  1. That guy was rude, and BIG, and could have crushed me! I was in complete shock until I realized what had just happened. AND HE DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE!! What a shame this world is coming to. But thank goodness we are done with the christmas shopping and only one more present needs to be wrapped. We got through another year babe, I love you! I can’t wait to go to my Dad’s for Christmas…and I’m so happy your going to be with me

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