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Good Times?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. For that much I apologize. I’ve had an interesting month.

First and foremost, Christmas and New Years took place. Christmas was down at Nichole’s father’s place in San Diego. It was almost 85 degrees down there, with it storming up here and below 50 degrees.

New Years was with the family in San Francisco. Hillary, Dana and the kids came to help us ring in the new year. It was a challenge at the very least. I’m sure the job of the shepard is as equally hard. Though, I have to say that in this day in age, wolves are definitely in sheep’s clothing. It’s not their fault, they don’t grasp the concept just yet. So I did my part in worrying and making sure to keep a watchful eye while they played in Union Square.

I’ve been sick for about a month now. First it was a cold/flu variant that people in the office like to bring in. Boy, having a 104 temperature for 4 days is really cool! Thanks Ed! The cold turned into a never ending cough. J can attest to that. I’d get about 1 or 2 words in per 40 coughs. It was bad. Just when everything seemed to be getting better, I started sounding stuffed up. My boss said I probably had a sinus infection. Turns out I did. Boy, those aren’t fun at all. Got some drugs from the local dealer and got ready to feel better. I didn’t until now. I still am coughing here and there but nearly as much as I was. I can’t tell you how much it sucked not having Starbucks coffee every day. It was torture.

Overheard in class is almost dead before it’s in the water. This last month, I haven’t even touched any of the code. Our fearless web designer has been avoiding me because I suspect that he’s been ignoring the project as well. J is still optimistic, at least I think he is. Though, when he suggested another project, I had the sneaking suspicion that he is ready to move on. I’m not, I want to finish that thing. Goddammit, I will!

School started again. Data Structures. It’s been awhile since I’ve touched Java, of course that leads to problems. What’s worse is that I was used to the simplicity of CodeWarrior. Using Netbeans, made exclusively by Sun, reminds me why I hated Java in the first place. Trying to link up a class with another file is close to impossible. Unless you do it the “right” way. Thanks Sun!

Got my car back. I’m instantly ready to sell it. It’s been a curse for so long that I don’t even want to admit it anymore. Why haven’t I sold it yet? Well, the problem is not finding a car I like. The problem is that the cars I like aren’t cheap. I’m really digging the new GLI. It’s essentially a new Jetta but more sporty and has better features. Unfortunately for me, I like all of these ‘features.’ Not only are they bad ass, but they cost about 5 thousand dollars extra. Sigh. I’m never going to get this car. Maybe if I pushed my car off the Golden Gate… Do you think my insurance would cover that? :)

I guess you could say I had a great end of the year. That is, if you’re being so sarcastic that it flows out of your ears as you speak. So, I have made a promise to myself that this year will not suck. It will be the year of Kevin! Yes, I sound like George from Seinfeld, I couldn’t care less. He only wanted a good season. Bitch, I want a bitching year. Yes, I just emphasized two words in a row. You may begin to envy me now. Well, after reading this entire blog entry, I think that you will be hard pressed to accomplish that.

If all else fails, I could always bury my head in the sand and just wait for 2007! Maybe by then I’ll have stopped coughing. If you have any good luck that you can spare, send it my way. By god in heaven, I need it.

Lady luck, I need a lucky fuck 4 lettered word for passionate love. Anyways, here’s to a great new year. To those of you who enjoyed your New Years, I hate you, more than you know. To those who had a terrible end to the year, I tip my hat. There’s a bar on the corner of El Camino and Ralston. Meet you there at about 5 on Friday. Sounds like a plan.

I’ll leave you with some pearls of wisdoms that I learned from Offspring:

And it feels
And it feels like
Heaven’s so far away
And it stings
Yeah it stings now
The world is so cold
Now that you’ve gone away
Gone away, gone away, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oooooo, yeah oooooo, oooooo, Ohh yeah.

I’ll Save Your Soul
Whoa. Yeaaaaaeeeaaeah. Mm.

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