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The Almighty Buck

I don’t get it. I’ve lost my understanding for why America is so great. I’ve lost my faith in capitalism. I think the “good news” listed within can accurately describe my disgust. I have to stiffle a bit of laughter for fear that Katrina victims might here me. Exxon Mobil was able to post record US profits for the 4th quarter, even after their refineries were hit by one of the strongest hurricanes in recorded history. Wow, that’s 2 records in a row, coincidence?

Something is going on here and it’s not coincidence. How is it possible for Exxon Mobil to post such stiff earnings when they claim that the price of oil is rising and their refineries are hurting? It’s not possible, if you think about it logically. They aren’t eating the cost of anything. The burden is resting comfortably on the backs of every hard (or not) working American citizen. The problem is that they don’t even know it. Every day, we can see on CNN that the price of oil per barrell is increasing. Yes, the price does increase, but what does that exactly mean?

The arabs are raising the price of oil so that they can horde cash. One particular arab nation, Iran, is obviously using their cash pile to build nuclear arms. They are listed on the UN watch list now. Great. The worst part is that “as of late 2002, Iran held 90 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, or roughly 9% of the world’s total,” within their grasp. What about the other nations that hold oil? Iraq? Syria? I don’t want to get into that can of worms.

The point is that these countries increase the price of oil per barrel so that they can make money. Who wouldn’t do this? If you held 90 billion barrels of crude oil in your backyard, would you give it away for free? I wouldn’t. Fine, counterpoint made.

Now, this is where Exxon Mobil comes in. When the price of oil per barrel increases, Exxon Mobil increases it’s gas prices to directly compensate with the increase of barrel prices. Now, I can understand a company raising it’s prices so that it doesn’t go out of business, but this is insane. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Safeway, and many other huge corporations make less than 20% off their products. Hell, Safeway would be lucky if it made more than 1% off it’s products. Exxon Mobil has no published figures to show how much profit they make off their initial investment. I’m willing to bet it’s a lot higher than 1%. Try in the 75% range.

What I don’t get is why we as consumers just pay these ridiculous gas prices? Yes, I do realize that the alternative to this is not driving or taking the bus. However, let’s be serious, people need to drive. If we all took the goddamn bus, you’d never get anywhere, there wouldn’t be enough buses. Even worse is that congress has done nothing to help us. Republicans and democrats alike don’t give a damn about the American public. Want to know why they don’t? You already voted for them. They only start to care about you when they’re up for re-election. Then, they’re very “active” in pursuing a solution to our problems.

The way I see it, there’s nothing that we can do. We have a government that stifles innovation in hydrogen fuel cell sector. Hybrid cars are still part of the problem, they consume gas. We have corporations that just don’t give a damn about anybody. But, that’s America for you. We live in a capitalist country and this is what you get. It’s pure economics for all you book worms out there reading this. Yes, people need oil, and gas. Yes, they are willing to pay whatever it is to fill their 50 gallon escalade so that they can cruise 5 miles down the local strip before they have to fill up again.

I think the main cause of the problem is apathy among Americans. If enough of us stood up and showed that we cared, we get somewhere. I just know that this is not going to happen anytime soon. Getting people to vote is already hard enough. I can’t imagine people standing up against a corporation who has been price gouging us for years. So Mr CEO of Exxon Mobil, go ahead and light up your cigar with another stack of 100s, just remember, some day your precious goddamn oil is going to be gone.

End of rant.

One thought on “The Almighty Buck

  1. Few things that you must realize. America, the government, its all a farce, fake, fabrication. Our government, if you want to call it that is clearly pluralist. What does that mean? it means all this senate house of reps administration is all made up jobs for rich tycoon businessmen. They each rub each other’s back, jack each other off etc lining their own pockets with gold, at guess who? YOUR expense. Ever think why little Billy and his family was forced to move? Because his old man got the pink slip. The middle class is actively being annhiliated. Why? you ask? well why not? why should i pay Joe smoe a decent wage to raise a family and for him to be happy when i can pay some immigrant pennies on the dollar? Joe smoe will take his minimum wage and say, “hey boss can i get some more? little billy needs his new sneakers for the year” I being the supreme boss/being says, “pack your shit and leave!” Jose? come here son, want a job? “si senor! que quiere?” here’s a dollar, go move a continent, and make it snappy!

    those rich bastards only want two classes, the 20 uber ga trillionares, and the billions of the lower class to fight and and kill each other for the oppurtunity to make 5 bucks a day. Think im exaggerating? read up on whats been going on in el salvador lately. Ever wonder why your clothes say made in china, malaysia, belize, el salvador? wonder no more…

    Voting is for losers. Why, WHY is it that we do NOT vote for our president? popularity vote does nothing at all. electoral votes is what got our current knucklehead in office. I don’t want to get into that scam. But like i say, it doesn’t matter…Bush is just some myopic moronic puppet. the real criminal masterminds are so deep in it, just to lay eyes on them means instant death. anyway this is depressing i’ve said enough, Wut up Kevin, im still trying to get out there, if shit could ever go for me…

    and there is a shred of hope, those old bastards in power won’t live forever. but those sons of bitches are doing their best to take a shit on it before they leave. We would be in control now if it weren’t for the crowd control. I.e. video games. american idol, hip hop, porn…


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