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Taking Advantage

I think the worst thing that anyone can do is take advantage of a person. It’s the easiest thing to do. All you need to do is set the person up so that they can’t say no. Well.. today I said no.

Usually, I’m a very nice and generous person. If someone needs a ride to a dealership to pickup their car, or wants to get coffee, or needs something, I’m usually there to help. Today, I finally felt like I was being taken advantage of in the worst way.

For those of you who don’t work in cubeland, you’re going to have a hard time relating to this but here we go. When you work in cubes, everyone everywhere can hear everything. This includes arguments, discussions, phone calls, things breaking, swearing, cell phones, you name it, people hear it.

This person in my office uses mass transit to get to work. He’s always late and he always misses his shuttle. I’ve picked him up so many times, it’s not even funny. (Speak of the devil, someone finally picked him up and brought him here… I give him 5 minutes until he shows up to give me a hard time for not picking his late ass up… )  He’s called me when I’m at my desk, when I haven’t left yet from home, while I’m in the shower, etc.

Today is especially busy because I was given a project last minute, due today. So I’m scrambling to get this bitch done quickly and correctly when I get the call. “Hey Kevin, can you pick me up? Train was late again.” I say I can’t, they say they have called everyone else, asks me to ask two other people. Those people don’t want to pick up this person up. I kinda feel guilty, and everyone in the office keeps coming by, “Don’t pick them up, it’s their responsibility, make em get a goddamn cab.

I call this person back to let them know that I’m not coming but someone else might. They started yelling and freaking out. “I should just take the train back home, I don’t give a fuck anymore.” Yeah, well, I don’t give a fuck about you. How about them apples? Stop asking for a goddamn ride every week! Buy a goddamn car like the rest of us! Stop wasting your money on vacations and grow up. (This person gets drunk every week/weekend and goes on so many ‘vacations’ it’s ridiculous. They can afford a car but choose not to so that they can continue their binge lifestyle)

Anyways, I feel good about standing up for myself. This has been bullshit since the beginning. I’m not going to help people out anymore. It’s not my problem. I have my own issues. At least I know how to deal with them, unlike some people in this office. Sigh.

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