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Now that’s scary

True Story:

Someone was in the application process to work for Google. After going many rounds and meeting with many people who adored this person, was eventually turned down. The reason was that a board of supervisors decided that the college GPA of applicants needed to be 3.50 overall. This particular applicant only had a measily 3.4. What a shame.

Evil empire or pure genius? I’m leaning towards evil empire. I know that there are engineers in that place that never graduated from college. What GPA did they have exactly? A cough is heard the boardroom. To think I really wanted to work for these guys some day. I guess I won’t be able to because by the time I graduate, they’ll expect me to have a 4.6 and write an essay on why I want to come work for Google.

This seems like High School all over again. Please make it stop.

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