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And so it went…

It’s amazing how fast 2 months can fly by. Everytime I log into this thing, I always end up clearing out the spam and then logging straight out. I really haven’t had a lot to add. However, if you must know, there have been a few things going on as of late.

I’m currently working a new position that’s quite different than the one I was hired for originally. I went from building tools, entering orders, assisting the IT guy, and publishing weekly reports to mainly pulling financial data and publishing reports. It’s been a long road to get to this point but I’m glad I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s not easy work and it requires a decent amount of brain power so if I’m paying attention, I have problems. :/ Anyways, so that’s work stuff.

School started 3 weeks ago and it’s tough. If you thought that Theoretical Physics, Advanced Calculus or tax seminars might make you more inclined to get a root canal, this class would have you jump off a bridge. Instead of the regular types of coding, If this then do this, or start a loop at 1 and finish at 100, you have to deal with straigh number combinations. I have to build an interpreter by the end of the class. As a result I have to learn how the machine I program understands what my high level language (IF THEN). So the code looks like this:

+000 456 847

I went to the Intel Developer Conference a week ago. It was a ton of fun. Nichole was able to hook me up with a day pass. I left work and came up to the city for the night. Here is my Flickr photostream of the entire event. The coolest thing was being able to see all this amazing hardware that the consumer rarely gets to see or will see in the coming months. I also had the unique ability to see VoodooPC, Falcon Northwest, and Alienware PCs in the same area running the new quad core processor soon to be released from Intel.

Currently, my parents are looking to invest in a condo, so Nichole and I have been helping them scout out the peninsula. It’s not easy going to check these places out. Everyone wants so much money for absolutely nothing. A primary example is people that can look at a man made lake want 75k+ more than people who can’t see it. A second example is if someone laid down fake wood floors they want 550k for a subpar condo. The funniest thing is hearing how much the Home Owner’s Association wants as a monthly payment. The highest I’ve heard is $471 and that’s pretty ridiculous. Oh well, that’s what you get with the peninsula. I’m just glad that the market is crashing. All these bastards can weep when their condo can barely sell for 450K from the original 650K asking price. ^_^

I’m going to be turning 24 in less than a month and I’m dreading it. Where did last year go? It barely feels like a year has passed. I guess this is what everyone meant when they said that times flies… Boy does it ever. I’m probably not going to do much this year, I’m just not enthusiastic about birthdays anymore.

I’ve been contemplating a site redesign. My website is so old and crusty that it needs to be spruced up. I just have zero time to do anything fancy. I guess I should also mention that I have zero talent for such things as well. Maybe a nice person will help me out. You’ll be the first to know when I’m actually working on it.

Anyways, I’m going to stop rambling on with my boring life. Hope everything is well out in the internet land. Take care.

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