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The Darkest Sketch in Television History

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of a show called Robot Chicken or not. I recently heard about it through a few people at work and instantly, I was hooked. It’s a show that airs on the Cartoon Network around 12am, it’s part of the Adult Swim programming. Anyways, it’s stop motion with action figures. The funniest part of the show is that it really has no boundaries. They frequently ‘cross the line’ and do so by a few hundred miles. I know you might think I’m being sarcastic, but obviously you haven’t seen this. Enjoy and weep, I did from laughing so hard. I know it’s wrong but that’s why it’s so goddamn hilarious.


2 thoughts on “The Darkest Sketch in Television History

  1. That one is alright. I still think this one is just so wrong that you have to laugh at it. The Lance Armstrong one becoming the super president of France is pretty funny too.

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