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The Move

Well, here I am. It’s been a long and difficult journey, but it’s finally over. I realize that my post frequency has dropped dramatically. I really want to post, I just can’t find the time for it lately. I’m trying, really, I promise.

To bring you up to date, I have moved. I moved from this awful one bedroom shack to a two bedroom condo. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m loving every minute. Though, I do have to say one thing, moving is a bitch. When we started to pack, I thought it would a fairly painful and routine process. In actuality, it was completely the opposite. Hell, our last walk through the apartment yielded two full drawers full of soup cans and food containers. Though, in all honesty, we did a pretty damn good job packing. The minute we put in our notice, Nichole went into pack mode. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to one specific task in my life. It seemed to be effortless for her to pack two organizers, and two closets. I have to tip my hat to her, she really made the move less stressful, I love you babe.

Now, when you know you have to pack, you start to devise this grand scheme of how you’re going to do it all right. You’re going to pack everything well so nothing breaks, it’s going to be organized, the boxes will be feather light and it will only take a day. Let me tell you right now, I really did think this. I’m not sure how this general misconception got into my head but it did. Goddamn, did it ever. This methodology flew out the window after the second box. You begin to realize that it would be better to just throw everything into a box quickly and get it over and done with. I still can’t find my hair gel though.

Something I did realize was that people really do need to have serious purges every year. If you haven’t looked at something for over a year, chances are YOU DON’T NEED IT. When I started going through my organizer, I threw away so much crap that just sat there for two years and collected dust. I felt really proud of myself when I started throwing way crap. It’s just silly to keep stuff that you obviously don’t need or necessarily want. I kept so many boxes of computer stuff it’s ridiculous. I also, for some stupid reason decided to keep all of our iPod boxes, including accessories! When you start throwing away this shit, you begin to say to yourself, hey, I just prevented myself from packing up an entire box of useless junk. And that my friend makes you feel awesome after you’ve packed 10 boxes of equally useless junk that ‘you need.’

As I write this post, I only have 3 more boxes to sort through. I have to say that I’m really impressed that we unpacked everything in less than a week. Especially between the hours that Nichole and I work, it’s tough to get stuff done. I’m just glad that all the appliances and carpet went in first. I can’t imagine juggling all of it at once. I really can’t. We still have an appointment with Comcast to get a phone hookup. We’ll see how that pans out. I’ll post some pictures of the Condo once I get them but that could take awhile.

Oh, I guess I should mention briefly that I was just offered a full time position at IBM as a Business Analyst. All the hard work and long hours have finally paid off. :) I’ll be flying out to Texas in a few weeks to get my official new hire training. Fun stuff, I know. Anyways, I’m tired and the cat won’t leave me alone. Night.

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