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The Proposal – Day 1

I never thought for a million years that I would be here. I’ve always thought about it but it never seemed a reality. Yesterday, however, changed all of that. It seemed like a normal day. Nichole had to go work in the city for the JavaOne conference and I was going to have a lonely weekend. I dropped her off at the Moscone center around 8am and headed back to our place. I had a quick breakfast with my parents and headed home for a shower.

This day was a rather normal day, except for one important detail, I was going to buy an engagement ring.

To be completely honest, I have never been so nervous in my entire life. I was short of breath. I had goosebumps. My stomach was upset. I had a headache. Any ailment you can imagine, I was experiencing. It was all so surreal. Was I really doing this? Was I just dreaming?

I took my shower, and got dressed. My dad finished up at the hotel and met my mother and I at the condo. After we left the condo, my dad noticed a spot of red on his shirt. It was blood. He messed with the cat and she got him. So we stopped off at the hotel to fix his shirt and get the directions to the Jewelry Exchange. The trip up was uneventful really, no traffic, so we got there rather quickly.

The Jewelry Exchange is an interesting place. It’s not like a flea market or anything like the name might suggest. It’s a private, invite-only Jewelry megastore. A lot of private Jewelers buy into this complex and setup shop. When you walk in the door, you have to sign in and get a name tag. It’s like walking into Fort Knox minus the armed guards and/or escort. Once you’re in the door, you can check out any of their stores. We were there for a specific vendor named Steve Padis. They have a pretty decently sized store with a huge selection of all kinds of jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, etc.

Once we got in there, we were being helped within the first five minutes. Come to find out the guy helping us was the manager of the store. Pretty neat stuff. Anyways, we told him what we were there for and what we wanted. Once I described what Nichole wanted, he picked out a setting that came really close to what she liked but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I told him to think “classic.” He said he’d be back in a minute and he was, with the ring. It was a beautiful platinum ring with four diamonds on each side. It’s apparently a designer ring if that means anything. It’s a Jeff Cooper ring. I think it’s this one.

The hard part came next. Pick a diamond to go in the setting. Now, it may seem that this is the easy part but it’s not. You have so many options. How big is the diamond (carat)? What is the clarity (F-J)? What type of flaws does the diamond have (VVS1, VS2, SI1)? We probably spent an hour or two looking at several diamonds. We looked at one to two carat diamonds for what seemed an eternity. Then, we asked for something around the 1.2 range. He found one that was near colorless (H/I, I believe), with very few inclusions. It was a beautiful diamond. It was brilliant under the light. The really interesting thing was that on the gemological report it showed the inclusions, and one of them was in the shape of a diamond. It had to be a sign. After careful consideration, and looking at another setting. I just knew that our first choice was the right one and that diamond, was special. I pulled the trigger and we started the purchase process.

We waited as they put together all the paper work. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, they had a Mariachi band singing. It helped pass the time. They also had someone making quesadillas which were delicious. Anyways, after paying and filling out the appraisal forms, they told us to come back at 3:30PM to pick it up.

We decided Scoma’s would be an excellent lunch destination. We got a table fairly quickly and within a few minutes, another party, which was at Steve Padis’ shop sat right next to us. A little ironic but hey, they were nice and wished me congratulations. The mother was a bit snooty but whatever. I guess you get to be that way with a 5 carat rock on your finger, I kid you not, it was huge.

It felt like time was passing so slowly. I kept looking at the time on my phone for what felt like every five minutes. I was just so excited to go check out the ring, I couldn’t wait to see it. I didn’t really even have an appetite but I ate anyways, who wouldn’t? It’s Scoma’s. Our waitress asked about dessert and we declined, save for the coffee. She brought us some cake anyways since we told her why we were celebrating. Rather nice of them to give us cake, and we ate it too.

On our way back to Steve’s, I got really nervous again. My stomach was turning over on itself. I guess I just wanted everything to be perfect. It also could have been the fact that my father was driving like a maniac, he cut off a bus, at a red light. Awesome driving dad! :) We finally got there in one piece and headed back in. They had the ring ready and brought it out. When we first looked at it, we all remarked on how beautiful it looked. Hell, beautiful doesn’t even beginto describe it. It was gorgeous. Everyone that saw it agreed. God I hope she likes it. I know she will but I’m still nervous.

On the way home, I couldn’t stop looking at it. In the light, it just showed some of the most brilliant colors I’ve ever seen a diamond shine. Well, I guess the countdown to the big day begins. I’ll be posting these after the proposal and acceptance. It’ll be fun to relive everything and have a journal for Nichole to read about my trials and tribulations with this whole process.

Anyways, time for bed.

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