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The Proposal – Day 3

Today was rather busy at work, which ended up being a good thing. It ended up keeping my mind off things. I told a few people at work who were very surprised and happy for me. It was a great feeling to get approval from them.

I told my boss and I think she was a bit surprised but wanted to see it, I’ll have to bring it in tomorrow.

I told my old mentor and he was really excited for me. He started telling me about what he went through and I guess I don’t have it that bad. His wife wanted a Tiffany settings (!!!) and at least a 2 carat diamond (double !!!). I guess we all can’t have low maintenance chicks. ;)

Nichole’s “real” birthday gift came today. A white Blackberry Pearl. She’s been dying to get one of these so I figured what a perfect gift to throw her off. It’s a rather nice phone. I kinda wish I had one. Ah well. Someday. I charged the battery for her so when she opens it, it’s ready to rock.

After work, I headed to the hotel to do some more setup on the DHS network. Got a few things fixed which is great. Most days I feel like I spend a ton of time on things that don’t get fixed no matter how hard I try to fix them. Today wasn’t that way which was a nice change of pace.

I went to dinner with Jon and Cliff. They had never been to Caprino’s so we went there. It was fabulous as always. After dinner, we went for a scenic route since they barely get outside the hotel or San Mateo. When we got back, Nichole called me for just a few minutes. She sent a text today saying that she loved me and I really wanted to tell her, but I didn’t. God this is going to be so hard.

Eh, three days down, several more to go…

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