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The Proposal – It’s getting close

I’ve ignored the blog for a week now. I guess I should update. Let’s summarize.

Saw Chris Carey and his new A3. Nichole got back home from JavaOne. I hid the ring. I reserved a table at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. Nichole’s birthday gift was spoiled because of bad accounting. Went up to my parents for the weekend. Mom tried to throw Nichole off by saying I wasn’t saving for a ring, thanks mom. Nichole has been non-stop talk about marriage and rings. End Summary.

So I started back to school again so all hell is breaking loose in terms of stress and time commitments. Both Nichole and I have been really tired when getting home and that always leads to arguments over stupid stuff. We had our first real argument since she got back and I think a lot of it is stemming from the stress of work and me always working, going to school or not spending time with her. Things got pretty heated but ended better. She did mention that her waiting for me to propose is added stress for her. I almost lost it since the ring is in the house. Hell, it was less than 5 feet away from her at the time of this argument. I just kept thinking in my head, if only you knew. Things are fine, stupid argument.

School was boring. I cracked through the lab so I could get out of there. I got home and she was up, which was odd. I think she wanted to talk. We watched the season finale of the office, way to go Jim!, and then talked a little about our fight. She went to bed feeling good, and I feel better about the situation. This weekend is going to be tough. I’m going to want to do it but I’m not. This whole time, it has been tough to not say anything. Every time the topic is brought up, I just try not to smile or give anything away. I hope I’m doing a good job of it because I can never tell.

I’m also getting really nervous these days. I’m afraid to leave her at home for long periods of time. I’m afraid she’s going to stumble upon it. I’m afraid the condo is going to burn down with the ring in it. I’m just scared. Everyone I tell is really happy for me and for us. I keep getting advice which is a blessing and a curse. I want to do things our way, not the way other people did it. They mean well.

When we got back from my parents on Sunday, I took Nichole out shopping. She needs to look great for the day she gets engaged, she deserves it. She tried on a few dresses and found the perfect one. She looks great in it. I don’t think she even thought twice about me buying her a dress. I guess I seemed genuine enough for her to buy that it was just for her birthday. I’ll have to have someone take a picture of us after everything happens.

Pretty much everything is squared away. I need to call and confirm the reservation at the Ritz and make sure they gave us a ‘special’ table. I’m going to have flowers delivered to her work on Monday to throw her off some more. The one thing I haven’t done yet, is call her father. I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long. I know he’s going to be cool about it. I guess I worry that he’ll tell Perry. I don’t want a lot of people knowing. I want the surprise element to be there. So I’m going to call him tomorrow while he’s at work. Hopefully I won’t make him cry, don’t want his workers to think he’s a softie. I also get the added benefit of him having his reaction away from Peri. I just hope he can keep a secret for a few days. We’ll see.

On a side note, I really feel like things are going really well for Nichole and I. We both have good jobs. We love our new condo. We’re getting engaged. Everything seems to be on the up and up. However, one thing has been really bothering me lately. My best friend has been MIA for awhile now. It really sucks not being able to talk to anyone about this entire thing. I did recently start talking to Matt again. Him and I talked on the phone for about an hour the day after I got the ring. It made me feel better to connect with someone about it. He’s already been through all this nonsense.

Anyways, it’s getting late, and I’m tired. The next 5 days are going to be pretty intense. I just wish Tuesday would hurry up already. I’m ready for my destiny, I just wish it would hurry the hell up already. Night.

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