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The Flix

I know it’s rather silly to make up your own words or phrases, but I increasingly find it necessary. As new products and services come out, it’s harder to keep track of all of them. So in an effort to make my life easier, I make up words or phrases for things. I have a few examples:

It’s really cumbersome to say to someone “I’m going to put The Aviator on my Netflix Queue.” At least, for me it is. When someone asks me if I’ve seen a movie and I have it in my Netflix Queue, I’ll usually respond with “I put it on the flix.”

Chances are high that they have no idea what I’m talking about so it gives me a mild satisfaction that I can fool them into thinking it’s some grand thing. Until I tell them what I mean and then I get a blank stare. Oh well

Next, an office favorite. I go to Starbucks way too much and my collegues enjoy it as well. Instead of saying, “Hey guys, do you want to go to Starbucks?” we simply saying “Going to bucks, you in?” I know that it’s not really a big deal to drop the “Star” in Starbucks but think about it. Do you really think that Starbucks is a star at anything? Half the people working there don’t know how to “leave room” in a cup of coffee.

Someday I’ll have to elaborate on the incompetance of some Starbucks employees. Though I have to admit it’s nice walking in there and they already know what you want and address you by your first name. It’s only the ones that can’t make coffee properly that get on my nerves. It’s water and coffee beans. Must be tough. Ok, I’m being too harsh, I do like the Starbucks by my work. They have cute girls working there that are nice. It’s the men working there that semi incompetant. If the girls are working the coffee bar, you know you’re going to get a good drink. If the one good guy is working there, it’s a good cup. The rest of them should quit their day job.

Ok, I digress. But Jesus Christ, there’s this one guy that’s obxious and thinks it’s funny. I guess that’s how he gets through the day, eh whatever. His comments at first were mildly funny “That’ll be 30 million dollars” for something that’s 3 dollars. Har har. Get over yourself.

Moving on, the next one is an easy one. My ‘rents live up in the greater Sacramento area. I usually refer to the area as “Sac Town” or just “Sac.” A co-worker has gone further with “Crack Town” or “Crack.” I’m still not sure why, but it works.

Another easy one, when someone asks me a question I can’t answer or don’t feel like it, “Google it dude.” This one is obvious or at least it should be.

A not so well known one, “Flickr it.” Referring to Flickr and posting the picture taken or take a picture and then upload it. One could also say “Flickr’ed” which would be the proper response to “Flickr it.”

I think that’s it for now. I’ll post more as they come to me.

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  1. “They have cute girls working there that are nice”—-nice!
    heh, I just had to comment on that, sorry.

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