Can my spam

Well, I have to say, spammers are at it again. Thankfully WordPress allows you to moderate comments before they appear. I’ve been getting a rash of spam comments. Thanks to you assholes in Amsterdam. Don’t you have anything better to do then spam my blog with comments like: Free Money Free money all used… You’re not even linking to something that will profit you! It’s a waste of your time and more importantly a waste of mine. Anyways, to make a long story short, I’ve put a Spam Quiz into effect. To deter these morons at least partially. In order…
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another year older

Well, today is the day that my internal clock chimes it’s yearly chime. Yes, today, I’m a year older. Do I feel older? Well, if my back creaking in the morning, or the feeling that time has started to pick up dramatically, then yes, I do feel older. If you mean, do I feel more mature, more knowledgeable, more in tune with myself, the answer is probably no. Though I have to say, over the last few years, getting older has been less and less fun. I actually dread my birthdays. Cake, balloons, people, cards, and presents used to be…
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God is dead

.. and no one seems to care. You know that the almighty deity is gone when a pastor conducting a baptism, one of the most holy sacraments, is electrocuted in the water. I’m not sure if this qualifies for the Darwin Awards but it should. Some of those entries are hilarious. No big loss.

Now that’s love

Well, I guess I should come out and say it. I’ll be becoming 23 in about 4 days. It’s rather fitting to receive presents from the ones that you love, and this day is no exception. Nichole was rather kind to notice that my current desktop monitor was getting a little old. I’ve had that beast for 4 years and never had a problem. Well, the only problem with it is it’s monstrous footprint (space it takes up) and the fact that it weighs about 50 pounds. Anyways, without further ado, my new monitor: Nichole, darling, I love you. ;P

It’s that thing in the place with the thing

Out of curiosity or boredom, I decided to download the Quake III Arena source code. It’s freely distributed under the GPL license. I have to say that I’m impressed with the coding practices of id Software. The code is very clean, and very readable. I’m used to looking at garbage code that someone slapped together in 10 minutes. Though, I’m a bit concerned with some of their comments.. Here’s an example: area routing cache: stores the distances within one cluster to a specific goal area this goal area is in this same cluster and could be a cluster portal for…
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The hilarity ensues….

Man, it’s been a crazy week already but by far, I saw one of the funniest things this week. Commuting home from work is one of the most boring and frustrating things on this earth. I can’t describe in words how angry I get at someone with their left turn signal blinking when they have no intention of turning. I mean, can’t they hear that “ding” “ding” “ding?” Anyways, Monday was no exception. For some reasons, Monday commutes are always the worst. My guess is that apathy is running rampant. Everyone knows they have a long week ahead of them…
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What did I get myself into?

I was thinking the same thing, after I read a story over at Tom’s Hardware. I have no idea how many EULAs or End User License Agreements, I have clicked next through. Some of these things are scary or downright funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if some small publisher as a prank added in “IF YOU AGREE TO THIS LICENSE THEN YOU WILL PUT US IN YOUR WILL AND GIVE US EVERYTHING WHEN YOU DIE.” Yeah, that’ll stand up in court. Still an interesting read though.

Kevin 2 Sprint 0

You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts. I’m sure you’ve read about my recent encounter with Sprint. I guess through some insane karma I got a phone call last night around 8:30. It was a 1-888 number so I was already skeptical of the phone call. I picked it up and was greated by some recording that wanted me to answer some questions about my recent visit to a Sprint PCS store. Oh dear. Let’s just say I started giggling uncontrollably when she said she wanted me to “participate in a survey.” I figured, what the hell, they were…
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Burned Out

This weekend was very uneventful. We didn’t have any plans to do grand things or go anywhere so J came down for the weekend. Specifically, he came down on account of his mother going back home. When he called me at 11AM, I was surprised he was here so early. He had originally told me that it would be closer to 1PM. No big deal. Nichole and I decided to get some coffee and head up to the International terminal to pick him up. Apparently, his mother was still with him at 12:20 so we parked and met up. She’s…
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Kevin 1 Sprint 0

Not only is Sprint an evil company, it’s also populated by complete idiots. This last week I called up Sprint to sign a new agreement to get 10% off my bill moving forward. While I was in the process of signing up, I asked about getting a new phone. Now, you have to understand that Sprint does not allow current customers to get deals on phones, unless you’ve had your phone for over a year. You’d think that just by being an existing customer, they’d give you breaks, they don’t. I’m not sure if other companies are the same way…
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