My take on iTunes 6

We all know that I’m addicted to Lost, and last night was no exception. I finally finished the first season and it was just short of amazing. However, I had a problem. The problem was that I did not see the Premiere of the second season and the show right after it. In steps iTunes 6. Not much has changed in this version in terms of looks. It’s all backend support for the tv shows you can download. I want to outline my experience at least from a user’s perspective under Windows XP. Midway into the first season’s finale, I…
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What are you doing tonight? Boxing.

I swear, Nichole and I have the strangest neighbors in the whole world. We really do. Recently, we got an addition to our wonderful “melting pot” apartment complex with the single guy. Someone needs to do something about his attitude, because it needs an adjustment. I guess we got started off on the wrong foot but he’s got a lot of negatives attached with him. Here’s a breakdown: The first day we encounter this guy, he’s blocking the parking area with a huge UHAUL truck which has no business being there. We politely ask him to move it so we…
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Internet Addiction Center

Oh my, apparently China has an epidemic. I’m certainly glad I’m not there to witness it. It’s apparently spreading like wildfire! People reading articles online and chatting it up with friends are now officially on the road to addiction. Check out the crazy headgear they make people wear. I think it’s a bit silly and very media hyped but, worth a read.

AA Meeting

I’m an addict. I admit it. I have a problem and I need help to get myself back on the wagon. Yes, I’m addicted to Lost. I know it’s a shock because I was against watching the show when it first came out but now I’m addicted. I guess it was the second season that really nabbed me. Nichole was watching it and I was intrigued. There’s a hatch and a guy inputting weird numbers into an Apple II every 180 minutes! Now that’s drama. I guess I have to eat my words and say that it’s a great show….
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Columbus Day…

Well, it’s Columbus Day tomorrow. Am I the only person in this country that could care less? I never get the day off, it’s not a work paid holiday, and school is always in session. What is the point exactly? You don’t get any parades. Mostly, you get people saying how bad it is to even celebrate such a thing. I could care less, them Native Americans were living on leased land! Seriously, at least holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, have some sort of meaning. People get drunk on beer and gorge themselves on corned beef and cabbage. What are…
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Friday Night: CoD and drunken calls

Wow, what a great night. Tonight, Jared, one of my friends that I have not hung out with for awhile came over. We had some pizza from the joint around the corner. We went and picked up one of his favorite drinks, Hypnotic. After we finished eating, Nichole went out for awhile. Jared and I decided it was high time we made a small LAN and hit up Call of Duty and it’s sequel. Both of us are convinced that CoD2 and it’s already announced expansion are going to be great. The first CoD was based on the Quake III…
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Man I’m tired

Eh, I need to go to bed. I was up getting my Natural Selection fix and now I just realized the time. Anyways, the weekend is looking great. I’m going to relax for the first weekend in awhile. Nichole and I are going to see Serenity on Saturday I think. I’m not sure. Plus, I’m going to spend some time organizing my organizer. I know it’s ironic that my organizer is disorganizer. Don’t ask, ok Alanis? I’m going to add some more content to my site this weekend too. I’ve got some pictures from Delaney’s birthday party. I want to…
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Interviewing a Search Engine

I stumbled upon this while reading some comments to a news post about an interview. It’s actually quite clever. Someone decided to interview Ask Jeeves. It’s rather humorous with the responses that come back. It really goes to show that it’s answering abilities are quite limited to simple sentences. Worth a quick skim.

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